Chapter 28

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"I do not ask a second time should I be denied the first. And should you deny me this, you will force me to take measures I would rather not."

Ghemella, noticeably weak and feverish, pointed her black hand that held the dagger at Lyrqyldyn. "Though I knew that somewhere in my lineage I had some dwarven blood, I have never considered myself dwarven or any other race until today. But now I say to you all that I would rather die a dwarf than be indebted to the likes of you."

Lyrqyldyn glared at Ghemella and the situation deteriorated to a staring match. Then Syrqyndyl offered a suggestion. "Father, if the High Witch ordered you to have Ghemella healed, you would not have any choice, would you?"

Lhelqerra, who wanted to reach some sort of compromise and gain amnesty for her son, latched on to Syrqyndyl's line of thinking. "Yes, he is right Lyrqyldyn. That being the case, no one could hold you responsible for violating our Ancient Tenets." The Tenets were the teachings and principles handed down from elven generation to generation and regarded higher than the law of the land.

Lyrqyldyn grudgingly admitted the possibility and Arhyvhynne said, in as courteous and respectful a tone as was possible, "I, Arhyvhynne, High Witch of the Moons, order you to have Ghemella healed." Lyrqyldyn frowned and after a moment's indecision, motioned to the guard to take Ghemella away. But Ghemella fought the guard's efforts with what was left of her strength. So the High Witch was forced to order Ghemella to comply, which she did though it was with curses, threats and other assorted invectives.


"So you are the one of whom I have heard so much," commented Lyrqyldyn.

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