Chapter 28

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Evhyqelle was the Maiden of the Wood, a title bestowed yearly by Qyntes'ah upon that elven maiden who best exemplified the elven people in her physical and spiritual beauty, talent and understanding of elven history and the Ancient Tenets. She was a light elf with a milky complexion framed by large red curls that fell below the shoulders. Her green eyes were bright and supplemented an inner glow that always seemed to surround her like an aura. Syrqyndyl had made Evhyqelle his betrothed during the recent MidSummer celebration.

Small talk continued through dinner and into desert where they partook of traditional elven fare that consisted of berries gathered from the Sylvan and wrapped in leaves from some of the more exotic trees which were then baked. Before they finished, Lyrqyldyn asked the question that was on his mind since his altercation with Arhyvhynne. "When do you anticipate having to leave our fair city?"

Although he phrased it in a manner to encourage them to stay, Arhyvhynne knew the true sentiment behind the query. She finished eating one of the pastries then answered, "As soon as Ghemella feels she is strong enough to travel." The High Witch looked to the Guardian. "What do you think, Ghemella?"

The Guardian had not spoken throughout the entire meal and now absently brushed back the hair from her face with what once was her left hand. The curved dagger that was now there drew blood. Though she only grazed herself, the wound bled profusely and she swore under her breath. Uriel recalled a time when that same dagger cost him some blood, but did not take any pleasure in Ghemella suffering the same fate. The healer moved to help her but she resisted his efforts. When the Guardian finally assuaged the bleeding, she looked straight at Arhyvhynne. "Tomorrow. I will be ready tomorrow."

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