Chapter 28

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The High Witch frowned at Ghemella, then furnished the healer with a questioning look. After a moment of thought he said, "She has a very strong constitution. With a night of uninterrupted rest, she should be physically ready to make the journey." He did not mention how long it might take the mental scar to heal.

"We will, of course, supply you with anything you may need and have you conducted to the fringe of the Sylvan," Lyrqyldyn offered.

"That would be greatly appreciated," responded the High Witch coolly.

"I will see to it that everything is ready at first light for your departure."

"This is all really very unnecessary," said Syrqyndyl. "Are you not forgetting something, father?" Lyrqyldyn gave his son a dark look and then feigned innocence. "Father and I, accompanied by five Warriors of the Wood, will be setting out for the Journey of Homage to Bhel'Ehzz in three days time. I insist that you allow us to escort you—especially in light of your recent travails."

It was difficult to tell who disliked the idea more, Lyrqyldyn or Ghemella. Arhyvhynne, though she was a bit unsure about so long a journey with the Sovereign Prince of the Wood, was in favor of the arrangement. It was definitely a better alternative than going alone with Ghemella and Uriel.

"Lyrqyldyn?" Arhyvhynne asked.

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