Chapter 28

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"I would be most honored if you would allow us to accompany and protect you on so important a journey," replied the Sovereign Prince of the Wood. Though he did not care for the idea in the least, he was, after all, a politician. He knew it was always better to keep friends than create enemies. Especially where the High Witch was concerned. She was a very powerful person who could become a very powerful friend.

"Are you certain?" she questioned further. "If you do not mind, I would rather leave all pretenses aside."

Lyrqyldyn admired her for that. He reconsidered the question now that he could probably decline without causing a major incident. But he did not change his mind. He tried to sound sincere when he said, "My offer—or should I say my son's offer—still remains and I hope you take advantage of it. There appears to be grave times before us and I fear you and your companions may have need of assistance."

The High Witch gave Lyrqyldyn a little smile and nodded her head once. "On behalf of myself and my companions, I accept your most generous offer."

"As for before, I will admit I was not pleased with your directive. But I must also say that I probably would have done the same if I were in your position." Then Lyrqyldyn stood up and excused himself. "I have some business to attend to and there is the matter of our departure less than three days from now. While you are here, I urge you to take advantage of the time to visit our city. Syrqyndyl will act as your guide."

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