Chapter 28

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Arhyvhynne, Uriel and Ghemella retired early in anticipation of a full night's rest with proper accommodations. During the next two days, they were given the grand tour of Qyntes'ah. Though it remained unspoken, Uriel did not miss the fact that he was being closely watched by Syrqyndyl and others, due to being under summons from the King. Ghemella stayed at the Estates, persistent in her reclusiveness, praying for an opportunity to take out her pent-up frustrations on an appropriate victim.


Time passed swiftly in the beautiful elven city and the morning of their departure had arrived. The party, consisting of Lyrqyldyn, Syrqyndyl, five Warriors of the Wood, Arhyvhynne, Uriel and Ghemella, struck out for Bhel'Ehzz. They left amidst much fanfare, the citizens of Qyntes'ah hoping that their city would fare well in the business and social negotiations. But the feeling among the city officials and those close to matters of state reflected that of Lyrqyldyn. The thoughts among them were of the serious issues to be dealt with and that there would be a dark shadow over this year's proceedings.

The small group was followed through the streets to the perimeter of the Sylvan Forest. There, while the others returned to the city and their lives, two women remained and watched the party pass into the deep forest. Evhyqelle, the Maiden of the Wood, though she tried not to show it, was sullen with the prospect of parting company with her new fianc for a month and a half. Neither had Lhelqerra been her usual pleasant self, owing to the separation from the two men she loved most, one of which had just escaped a dangerous encounter. And the added possibility that the trip itself might be perilous did nothing to alleviate their worries. They held each other's hand, both trying to dismiss the fears that it might be much longer than a month and a half until they next saw their loved ones.

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