Chapter 28

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The High Witch was forced to admit to herself that, regardless of her personal feelings, Uriel's innocence was far from being a certainty. The truth of the matter was that there was a great deal of strong circumstantial evidence against him, that he was hiding something from her and that in some way her sister was involved. If it were not for her mother's belief in his innocence and the words of Qhen Rhyvhelle which she reflected on a great deal lately, it would be even harder for her to plead his case. And there was the emotional side of it as well. He had saved her life after all. But while she tried to convince herself it was just gratitude she felt, she could not deny the small fire that kindled in her heart or the pain there over his inability to confide in her.

The ache of Uriel's longing for Eyrmysse had diminished somewhat during the journey. As did his obsession for the pages of The Black Lodge. Uriel felt uncomfortable that the two seemed to coincide. Actually, he felt uncomfortable over a great many things. Guilt assailed him on a regular basis. He experienced shame when he thought of Lynn and Danny. It was embarrassment when Khyrhyelle crossed his mind. It was confusion when it came to Arhyvhynne. He tried to believe that this trip might help clear his mind. Instead, it only seemed to complicate matters. And there was the thought that slowly had pressed its way to the front of his mind the closer they got to Bhel'Ehzz. That it all didn't even matter. That nothing really mattered. Because he was going to be a dead man. Again.

The night before their arrival at the capital, the sky turned yellow as a storm approached on the horizon. That peculiar smell of rain was in the air and the winds were so strong that the elves had a hard time setting up camp and the tents. Parts of the moons could be seen through the swaying trees and the rapidly moving clouds. It was nothing short of ominous.

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