Chapter 28

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Uriel got to his feet and trudged back in the direction of his tent. But as he neared the area, he saw a light issuing forth from the tent of the High Witch. He went there without pausing for consideration. "Arhyvhynne," he called out.

The High Witch drew the flap of the tent aside and peered out into the rain. "Uriel!" she said with surprise. "Come in, come in," she urged him as she ushered him in. "You are completely drenched. Whatever were you doing out in the rain? And at this late hour?"

"I… was doing some thinking." He raked his hair back with both hands and dried his face a bit. He fixed his eyes on Arhyvhynne who was wearing a short, thin white tunic which was designed more for comfort than concealment. The High Witch was acutely aware of his gaze and folded her arms across her chest. Embarrassed, Uriel walked past her a step or two and remained with his back to her. "Arhyvhynne, I'm so sorry," he admitted, his voice cracking. He had been having a hard time controlling his emotions all evening and it was no different now.

The High Witch touched his arm lightly and then softly asked, "What is it, Uriel?"

Uriel turned to her and tears were once again in his eyes. "I'm sorry for what I said back at the Towers. I really didn't mean it. I know you're just looking out for me. You've been so kind, so understanding. I'd do anything for you, Arhyvhynne. Anything. I'd bring you back a million times if it were necessary." Tears spilled down Uriel's cheek and he repeatedly mouthed the words "I'm sorry" though there was no sound to his voice.

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