Chapter 29

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Though Uriel was surrounded by royalty, it was the King's Advisor of who he was most in awe. The wizard fingered the silver inverted pentagram that hung from his neck as he gazed at Uriel from beneath his raised cowl. He was an imposing figure regardless of the circumstances, but just the sight of the black robed wizard put fear into Uriel's heart, though his fright went beyond mere physical appearance. This was someone that he felt he somehow knew, someone that was inexplicably involved in the very reason for his presence in Khaballe. Uriel involuntarily shuddered from the chill that ran the length of his spine.

King Nherycyn thanked the elves for making the pilgrimage and representing the interests of Qyntes'ah. He then went on to tell Arhyvhynne and Uriel that it was unfortunate that the gravity of the situation required their presence there as well and thanked them for responding to the summons without any coercion. Athar informed them that it would be necessary that Uriel be confined to his quarters until the time of his questioning. The High Witch challenged the order and offered to be held accountable for Uriel. She did, after all, deliver him to Bhel'Ehzz as requested. But Athar would not retract the directive. The best Arhyvhynne could do was to gain visiting rights for herself, and that was only through Rhenycyn's intervention.

Without further discussion, the visitors were led to their respective rooms. Uriel was placed on a floor by himself with a guard and one of Athar's ten stationed outside his door. Arhyvhynne and Ghemella shared adjacent rooms on a different floor. The elven party was assigned a wing on yet another floor, as were all the other cities' representatives who had journeyed to Bhel'Ehzz.

After the opening ceremony took place at midday of the next day, there would be the ritual commencement of the Khaballean Conclave of 2999. These two events were comprised of nothing more than the formal introduction of all the attendees and the stating of the agenda for the next week. Following, a banquet welcoming the representatives would be served.

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