Chapter 29

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Next, Syrqyndyl's eyes went to the silver tent with two rising suns on it which belonged to Sagghez'ah. He went over and had shared a few words with his northern neighbors. Their knights, the Militia of the Northern Moor, talked mainly of the many attacks by SoulSlayers to their city in the recent months. The northeastern city was made up of mostly humans and was radically different from the rest of the Khaballean populace in terms of their philosophical and modernist positions. They were the only city who elected all their officials by popular vote on a regular basis and practiced a combination of democracy and socialism.

Syrqyndyl went back to his own tent, sat on the ground and looked over to the tent on the other side of them. The empty red tent had the image of a white, rearing unicorn on it and belonged to the Clerics of the Suns from Mhykord'ah. The city of clerics was situated to the north on the eastern coast. The clerics were made up of all the races and would not participate in the battle. Their presence was critical, however, as it was their responsibility to heal any who were injured. And it was likely, based on past Contests, that they would have a busy day.

The Warders of the Winds from Sevhert'ah completed the half circle on the right. Except for a scowl, Syrqyndyl did not bother acknowledging them. They were a motley bunch from a dangerous city to the south and east of Qyntes'ah which welcomed even the most sinister of characters. The knights of Sevhert'ah were content in practicing amongst themselves and consuming ale while lazily sitting around their black and white tent on which was rendered the phases of the moons.

The purple tent of Bhel'Ehzz, adorned with the images of a green dragon and a grey castle, was empty. None of the Knights of the Flaming Sword were there as they were performing their normal duties in and around the castle. Syrqyndyl shook his head thinking of the last Contest and the punishment Mharkhel and Setryv had administered to his body. Though the elf had been sore for many days after, he was eager to test himself against them in this rematch of sorts.

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