Chapter 29

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As Syrqyndyl moved his gaze to the next tent, his eyes were met by those of Dhankwor. The dwarf was one of the Soldiers of the Stone from Fhon Dhawz, hearty mountain-dwellers who had ventured from their home in the Mlkym Range which was to the southeast of Bhel'Ehzz. Dhankwor peered out at his arch-rival from inside the dwarven tent, which was grey and blue and had depicted three mountain peaks with suns on either side of the middle peak and a moon on the outside of both end peaks.

Dhankwor was big for a dwarf, nearly five foot. He was almost as wide as he was high. His eyes were the same color as his bushy eyebrows and long auburn hair which was separated into two braids and rested on his shoulders. His obligatory beard was combed into three forks, the middle one being braided. He was intent on defeating the elves at all costs. He and Syrqyndyl had battled each other for the entire Contest of 2994 with Dhankwor outlasting Syrqyndyl solely by the intervention of Mharkhel and Setryv who had turned their attention on the unfortunate elf.

Wishing an end to the staring match, Dhankwor tore his eyes away from Syrqyndyl and settled them on the tent next to his own. The tent of Ghlor Nhor and the Ancient Khaballean Company was striped the green and yellow of their fields with a black scythe stitched unto it. Located a little to the south and west of the capital, the inhabitants of Ghlor Nhor were a very traditional agrarian community. It was from here that the more modern thinkers of Sagghez'ah had emigrated after their intense and bitter arguments of centuries before.

The dwarf heard his name called and looked over to the tent of the Home Guard of the Hills from Vhyt Dhaxz. "Are you two going to start now or wait until tomorrow for the rest of us?" one of the halflings asked.

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