Chapter 29

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The knight from Sevhert'ah, now dressed as a commoner, stopped at a nearby tavern and had himself an ale. Then he made off into the night. On his way back to the castle, he thought about the men waiting for him there. They really bothered him. He would have to do something about them when this was all over. Before they did something to him.

When he arrived at the castle, he entered a familiar, small room by means of a concealed door in the outer wall. Two black robed wizards were waiting for him. "How is our replacement knight?" the smaller, frail one asked.

Mhylzul responded with a wicked smile.

"They will be concluding soon. Are you ready?" questioned the other wizard.

"Yeah, I'm ready," the assassin nodded. "How about you guys?" If Mhylzul was waiting for an audible response, he was disappointed. Azarel and Uxzel only smiled.

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