Chapter 30

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After a moment, the Prince returned his attention to his notes. Ydryj Jyr, he thought and shook his head once as he glanced at the next name on the list. Ydryj Jyr, Ghlor Nhor's Eldar, was a stubborn, narrow-minded man, who was set in his ways and intolerant of other's views or opinions. Being from the city of traditionalists, he was likely to argue vehemently against Rhenycyn's proposals for improvement.

Conversely, Rhenycyn thought he could expect support from the northeastern city of moderns, Sagghez'ah. They had sent their Senior and Junior-Elects, Ptalp and Rhyrt. The Prince was not familiar with either of them. Ptalp was said to be an intense young man, thoroughly dedicated to the proper running of government in Sagghez'ah. Rhyrt was much older and due to his age and experience, a bit more conservative. He had served terms as Senior-Elect on two previous occasions. Together they made a skilled and efficient team. Their foremost interest was in obtaining support from Bhel'Ehzz in dealing with the malevolence of the SoulSlayers in their area. But Rhenycyn was unable to find out whether they would request it of a military or magical nature. Either way, it would probably fuel the fires of Athar and Tomhylhen against Uriel.

The remaining names on the Prince's list gave him little cause for worry. Lyrqyldyn of Qyntes'ah was a supporter of the monarchy and was seeking to keep the status quo. The elf had hammered out several agreements in the 2994 Conclave that had proven to be very shrewd and profitable.

Fhon Dhawz' Clan Chief of the Stone, Wodhyn, also backed the crown. The interest of the dwarves was in curtailing the widespread illicit production and marketing of non-dwarven ales. The illegally made, watered-down brew was being peddled all over Khaballe and being passed off as authentic dwarven spirits. Similarly, the dwarves were concerned about the number of building contracts being awarded to non-craftsmen who submitted lower bids. The non-craftsmen frequently used different, inferior materials than they had listed in the bids and the result was a reduction in the overall quality of the erected structures. Rhenycyn's only problem with either the elves or the dwarves would be in keeping them from arguing with each other.

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