Chapter 30

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Nherycyn continued after Arhyvhynne had stood. "Before I allow you the opportunity to supplement Athar's rendering of what has taken place, I must advise you that I am not at all pleased with the position the Witches of the Moons have taken regarding this matter nor with that of how you view yourselves in relation to the kingdom."

"I am sorry, Your Highness," the white robe responded in a quiet, shaky voice, "but I am afraid I do not know of what you speak." Nherycyn related the episode with Lhynette and Arhyvhynne was at a loss for words. "I do not understand. That is so unlike Lhynette. Perhaps she was misunderstood?"

The King motioned to his Ministers. Most of them responded by shaking their heads. Dhonlaa vocalized the sentiment. "There is no doubt concerning her statements. She was very emphatic."

"Do you mean to say you do not adhere to that position?" the King asked.

"Your concerns and that of the general populace do not normally coincide with our own. We have dedicated ourselves to following our Paths. To that end, we have always sought to be politically indifferent and remain, to a certain degree, autonomous." Arhyvhynne typically still wore her heart on her sleeve and had not yet mastered the political art of eloquently disguising the truth in her few short months as High Witch. She could tell by the low grumbles and the looks she received that her statement had not been what those present had wanted to hear.

Before things could turn more unpleasant, Prince Rhenycyn spoke up. "I am sure this is simply a question more of semantics than of anything else. Perhaps this is a topic that we should relegate to another time. We are digressing from our stated agenda."

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