Chapter 30

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Nherycyn gave his son an undisguised look of displeasure. But when he spoke, he was in agreement. "Perhaps you are right. Let us continue with our original topic." The King turned to the High Witch and spoke to her, again, omitting the title. "Arhyvhynne, have you anything to add to Athar's recapitulation of the events thus far?"

The High Witch tried to paint a gentler, less threatening picture than Athar's ominous one. She focused on Uriel's bringing both her and the unicorn back from the cold grasp of death and his struggles against that fiendish entity, the SoulSlayer Ahrokh. She ended by stating Khyrhyelle's conviction in Uriel being sent to assist them in this time of foreboding and her own belief in that premise as well.

Arhyvhynne barely finished before Tomhylhen spoke. The High Priest of the Suns was of the same age as Nherycyn. He was tall and thin with long, white hair reaching to the middle of his back and a constant look of fanaticism in his light blue eyes. His voice was strong from many years of delivering sermons on living the righteous life. "Your mother was murdered. Murdered! Qhen Khyrhyelle's death can be attributed to her willingness to believe in the absurd. And you are obviously indebted to this wizard for your life. Not to mention that it appears you are giving yourself to him." Tomhylhen said the last statement with a hint of disgust in his voice, then turned to the others, saying, "So much for an impartial account."

Arhyvhynne was appalled. "I have not given myself to him!" she responded to Tomhylhen.

"Did he not spend the night in your tent the evening prior to your arrival in Bhel'Ehzz?" the High Priest asked.

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