Chapter 30

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The High Witch glared at Lyrqyldyn and Syrqyndyl before answering. "Yes, but he came to me regarding some questions he had concerning his studies. We spoke for a long time. It was very late when we had finished and as it was still raining, I suggested he stay."

"This is really of no relevance," commented Xumhek. "She is, after all, the High Witch and can do as she pleases."

"On the contrary, if she has depraved and disgraced herself with this wizard, it will certainly influence how she presents her story." Ydryj Jyr, an old man with a few wisps of hair and a bony body, jumped at the chance to offer a disapproving remark. In Ghlor Nhor it was unheard of for a woman to have relations before she was married.

"I am not certain that is the truth of it Ydryj Jyr," said Lyrqyldyn, trying to atone for the leak which obviously came from his camp. "The High Witch has travelled with the wizard for many leagues and many nights. If it is as you say, why has she not been with him the entire time? Why only the one night?"

"Maybe that is all he needed," Zhultanyr darkly suggested. The fleshy Warden of Sevhert'ah ran a hand through his long, greasy grey and black hair and grinned, showing rotted, yellow teeth.

The High Witch was near tears. "I have told all of you that nothing happened!" she stated emphatically. "I swear it upon my crescent," here she took her medallion in hand, "and my position as High Witch."

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