Chapter 30

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"The assurances of one aligned with Thaum are of trifling worth," maintained Tomhylhen.

Rhenycyn intervened for the second time. "As Xumhek has stated before, we are speaking of the High Witch here. Her relationship with the wizard—which I am sure is nothing more than what she has said—is of no consequence. As is the evidence against him. What little there may be is circumstantial in my opinion."

"It is because of your opinion that we have been forced to gather together and determine how we might best deal with this situation," responded the Prince's father caustically. Nherycyn drew some wary looks from many of those in attendance. This was nothing like the King whom they had heard had become passive and left the governing of the kingdom to his wizard Advisor. He was letting it be known who was in control and was using his son as an example to prove his point. "I think it best if we reexamine all the material that Athar and Arhyvhynne have presented to us and see if we cannot arrive at some conclusion as to the wizard's guilt or innocence."

The members of the Conclave agreed with their King and began the process of sifting through the alleged facts. Most of the time the discussions were fraught with heated arguments. Better than two hours had passed and they had failed to shed any discernable light on the matter. What had become apparent were the factions that the various representatives sided with. Those with a vote who were against Uriel consisted of Athar, Tomhylhen, Zhultanyr, Ydryj Jyr and Farhyng. Those that believed him innocent, or at least not convinced of his guilt, were Xumhek and Ptalp. Nherycyn, Wodhyn and Lyrqyldyn remained noncommittal, much to the displeasure of the royal and elven sons, Rhenycyn and Syrqyndyl.

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