Chapter 30

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Uriel's defense was weak due to several things. First, his biggest supporters, Arhyvhynne, Rhenycyn and Ellycyn, did not have a vote and therefore carried less weight. Secondly, the influence of the Ministry, who were against him, was significant. And finally, the circumstantial evidence regarding the Scrolls, the SoulSlayers and the Rune was very incriminating.

The King cleared his throat and announced, "The hour is getting late and I do not believe there is anything left to be gained by further discussion. Will someone propose a motion for resolution?"

Not surprisingly, it came from Tomhylhen. "I move that we bring this Uriel before us tomorrow when we reconvene and if he cannot prove his innocence and exonerate himself completely that he be put to death."

Arhyvhynne exclaimed "No!" A speechless Rhenycyn turned wide eyes to the High Priest. Eybbenna, the pretty cleric with long brown hair and grey eyes began to say something but was stopped by Tomhylhen. But Nherycyn seemingly continued without notice. "Do I have a second?"

Zhultanyr stood up and simply said "Second."

"Any discussion before we vote?" Nherycyn rolled his eyes as he asked the mandatory question.

The High Witch, Prince and even the Princess pleaded with the assembly to reassess the motion in light of its seriousness. Ptalp, the young man with shoulder-length brown hair and blue eyes, spoke to the same point also. "I do not profess to believe in the innocence of the wizard Uriel. However, I do believe in his right to be considered innocent until we prove him guilty. Governing by a guilty before innocent mentality is a thing of ages past. This will eventually lead to subjecting to the dungeons anyone who disagrees with us without hope of a fair hearing."

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