Chapter 30

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"Do you think Thaum will be fair?" asked Tomhylhen.

"How can you in good conscience represent the very city which has been ravaged the most by the SoulSlayers?" demanded Ydryj Jyr.

"That is exactly our point," insisted Rhyrt, the Junior-Elect of Sagghez'ah. "Even though we have probably suffered the most from the effects of these ominous events, we have such a strong belief in the universal truth of our premise that we remain steadfast in our convictions—as do the people of Sagghez'ah. We feel it morally and ethically preferable to acquit a hundred guilty people than condemn one innocent one."

"One life in the scheme of things is as a grain of sand on the beach," commented Zhultanyr.

"The time for discussion has passed," proclaimed the King. "I will now collect the vote in the traditional manner, beginning in the north." The vote would be taken from each representative, beginning with the northernmost city and working its way south. Bhel'Ehzz would be the last to vote. A majority was necessary for the motion to pass.

"How is it viewed in Kho Rhon'ah?" queried King Nherycyn.

"In favor," responded Athar.

"How is it viewed in Sagghez'ah?"

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