Chapter 30

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"Opposed," said Ptalp and Rhyrt in unison.

"How is it viewed in Qyntes'ah?"

"Abstain," answered Lyrqyldyn. Arhyvhynne felt betrayed and Syrqyndyl could barely contain himself amidst the several loud whispers and grumblings. But a look from the father suppressed any forthcoming arguments from the son.

"How is it viewed in Mhykord'ah?"

There was no question with Tomhylhen. "In favor."

"How is it viewed in Sevhert'ah?"

Neither was there any doubt with Zhultanyr. "In favor."

"How is it viewed in Fhon Dhawz?"

Wodhyn, the dwarven leader, a stout, squat man with braided auburn hair and a matching beard that went down to his knees, had been uncharacteristically silent through most of the proceedings. "Abstain," was his vote.

"How is it viewed in Ghlor Nhor?"

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