Chapter 30

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As was expected, Ydryj Jyr answered "In favor."

Four votes in favor, only one opposed and two abstentions. With three votes remaining, things looked very grim for Uriel.

"How is it viewed in Vhyt Dhaxz?"

"Opposed," voted Xumhek.

"How is it viewed in Rheg Nhor?"

"In favor," replied Farhyng.

Though five were now in favor and only two opposed, the outcome truly hung on the vote of Bhel'Ehzz. If the King voted opposed, the difference would be reduced to two. The statutes stated that in cases where the number of abstentions could affect the result, it would become necessary for those who were neutral to change their vote and commit one way or the other. And the general feeling was that both Lyrqyldyn and Wodhyn would vote opposed.

The room was still. Many were on the edge of their seat and all eyes were on Nherycyn. The King paused then said, "It is viewed in Bhel'Ehzz as favorable." There was an outburst of loud whisperings and mutterings and Nherycyn waited for it to subside before he continued. "Six in favor, two opposed, two abstentions. The motion is passed." This was, for all intents and purposes, a decision to condemn Uriel to death.

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