Chapter 30

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The King then called for Mharkhel and Setryv who were stationed on either side of the hall entry. After the fiasco of the Contest, Vhyqyrd had assigned the two knights this duty, knowing that it would aggravate both of them and not provide them with an outlet to vent themselves. "You two and one of Athar's wizards," here Nherycyn looked to his Advisor who nodded once in affirmation, "will conduct the wizard Uriel to the dungeons and secure him in a cell to himself and there remain for the duration of the evening. You will then conduct him to this hall on the morrow at the hour we are to reconvene." The King concluded the meeting with the words, "Until the morning then."

As the assembly dispersed, Rhenycyn did not acknowledge his father in any manner, but pushed himself away from the table in obvious disgust and hurriedly left the Assembly Hall.

Syrqyndyl had words with his father. "How could you abstain? How? You saw him. He was with us the entire trip. He is no more guilty than I."

"Our vote was irrelevant," replied Lyrqyldyn curtly.

"First of all, it was not 'our' vote. It was entirely yours. And it could have been relevant. If the vote were closer, it might have influenced the remaining votes and given the King cause for more reflection."

"In the end," said the Sovereign Prince of the Wood in a tired tone, "it did not matter. And by remaining neutral, we have not made any enemies."

"Tell that to the High Witch," Syrqyndyl sharply retorted.

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