Chapter 30

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Arhyvhynne stopped King Nherycyn as he was leaving with Mharkhel and Setryv. "I am sorry that circumstances dictated that we be in disagreement upon our first meeting together."

"Yes, that is unfortunate," the King responded coolly.

"And particularly over a matter as grave as this." The High Witch tried to beseech Nherycyn's mercy one more time. "I truly believe that Uriel has been sent to deliver us from the evils that our threatening the kingdom. So did my mother. If he is imprisoned or… worse," she could not bring herself to say the words, "I am afraid we will be making a grievous mistake and depriving ourselves of our only hope."

"I am afraid you are the one who is mistaken. You are young and naive and lack the wisdom and experience needed to handle matters such as these. You think with your heart and not your mind."

Arhyvhynne reflected on the King's words, especially the last statement. "Would it be possible to visit him before he is transported to the dungeons? I think it might be a bit easier if I spoke to him first."

Nherycyn's voice was still harsh when he responded. "No. I do not believe it wise to allow you to see him before he has been safely secured and warded in our dungeons. Now if you will excuse me."

As the King departed with the knights, Arhyvhynne was left with the contradictions that were her life. She felt very much alone in the room still filled with people. She felt helpless even though she was probably the second most powerful person in the realm. But worst was her feeling of inadequacy. "He saved my life and I can do nothing to spare his," she quietly reproached herself.

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