Chapter 31

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Mharkhel gave his former best friend a look of loathing and said, "Such was your loyalty to me also." Then he turned to the Prince. "The Princess Ellycyn is under house arrest and confined to her quarters. Let me say, Your Highness, that I do not believe any of this regarding either of Your Highnesses for a moment."

"What are you talking about?" snapped Setryv. "You were right there with me. You saw him take his head. They had to drag you from the body." The blonde knight shook his head. "You have truly lost all your senses."

"Tell me, Mharkhel. Tell me what has happened."

To the discontentment of Setryv, the dark knight went on to relate to the Prince the events of the previous evening. Mharkhel maintained that while the murderer admittedly resembled Rhenycyn, at the distance they had been down the hall, it would be difficult to be positive about the true identity of the assailant. He also explained that Ellycyn had been sequestered because of her support and defense of her brother.

Arhyvhynne had arrived to see Uriel while Mharkhel and Rhenycyn discussed the tragedy that had befallen the Prince. She had been guided through the dungeons by Beleghor, one of Athar's white robes. Upon seeing the High Witch, Uriel arose and reached a hand out between the cell bars to her. But instead, he came into contact with a barrier and recoiled back, screaming in pain. Arhyvhynne noticed the trace of a smile on the lips of Beleghor and thought it inappropriate for one wearing white to react in that fashion and expressed her distaste to the wizard. She then asked Uriel how he was and received a reassuring response.

"I am sorry I could not be here earlier," she told him, "but it was not allowed what with all that has happened."

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