Chapter 31

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"Yeah, I thought I was having a bad night until I heard about the King." Uriel lowered his voice to a whisper and gestured ever so slightly with his head. "Do you think he did it?"

"I do not believe so." Arhyvhynne twirled a blonde lock around her finger as her sister sometimes did. "The Prince has been very supportive of you. Do not ask me why, but I think the events involving you and the Prince are somehow related."


The High Witch nodded and they were quiet for a while. Then she asked, "Was it terribly bad—I mean being here all night?"

"You have no idea what it was like. I didn't know what the hell was going on. They just came to my room and dragged me down here. I was surprised they let me take my staff. Then there were rumors about the King and the Prince. It made things pretty tense, pretty scary." Uriel began to reach his hand out to her again and remembered himself. "It's so good to see you. I'm really glad you're here. Having you here makes me feel… I don't know. Like everything's going to be okay."

Arhyvhynne's smile lit up the dungeon as did the light in her sapphire eyes. But both faded quickly. She had decided to tell him. "Uriel, I know of the mark," she said quietly.

Uriel furrowed his brow. "The what?"

"The pentagram," she whispered and pointed to his chest.

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