Chapter 31

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The silence was as heavy as the dank air. Uriel hung his head and was trying to figure out how to answer her next question, which he figured would be why he hadn't told her about the brand. But she took him completely by surprise. "Are you the Destroyer?"

"I don't know," he responded after the shock wore off. "Sometimes I wonder. And it scares me. But I swear to you Arhyvhynne, I swear I never hurt your mother and I had nothing to do with the Rune. Honest." The words even sounded hollow to him. "I only know what They told me. I was sent here to save Khaballe. I wish there was a way to make you believe me…"

"Did mother know?"

Uriel shook his head. "No."

"Does anyone else know?"

Uriel could only look at her, the undisguised guilt easily discernible. And Arhyvhynne could only stare back at him, feeling the torment and anguish mix with the cold fire in her heart as she thought of Eyrmysse.

Just then Vhyqyrd appeared with two other Knights of the Flaming Sword. "It is the order of the Regent that you both appear before the representatives and Ministry of Khaballe for a formal inquisition at which time your respective fates will be decided." The Captain of the Royal Guard addressed his knights. "Mharkhel, Setryv. You will escort the Prince. You other two—and you as well," here he indicated the wizards, "take charge of the wizard. If either of them causes you any difficulty, kill him."


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