Chapter 31

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While the King's Advisor had been clever with Mharkhel, he was masterful with Ellycyn. Though he appeared sympathetic, he knowingly let the Princess vent her anger in support of her brother which in turn led to her own disrepute. Athar put forth many questions regarding the Prince's relationship with his father. And after every vehement denial by Ellycyn, he softly chided her into telling the truth. Every time the Princess tried to justify Rhenycyn's attitude it came out sounding like Ellycyn agreed with the Prince's disposing of the King. It was if she cast another spadeful of dirt upon her brother's grave with every remark she made. Ellycyn was so distraught over her failed attempts to vindicate her brother that she broke into uncontrollable fits of sobbing and had to be escorted from the hall.

Afterward, Athar continued, garnering comments from several Ministers who confirmed the animosity that at times existed between father and son. Athar also questioned some of the attendants at the castle regarding Rhenycyn's whereabouts. The only one able to offer anything of significance was the equerry who said that about the time in question, Rhenycyn, irritable and in a hurry, appeared at the stables and left with his horse.

Athar ordered the guards to assist the bound monarch to his feet. "Does anyone present wish to question Rhenycyn before he is allowed to speak in his defense?"

This was a delicate matter. If one spoke out against the Prince and Rhenycyn was exonerated, it would be a safe bet that one's political career would be over. However, if one supported the Prince and he was found guilty it might look equally bad.

Nevertheless, Ptalp spoke up. "Your Highness could you please inform us regarding your whereabouts at the time of your father's death?"

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