Chapter 31

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"All night?"

"For a good portion, yes. When I tired, I stopped and rested near a glade. Upon arising, I returned to the castle. Or should I say I was returned to the castle." The Prince's last remark succeeded in gaining a few laughs.

"Did anyone see Your Highness?" asked Zhultanyr.

"Not that I know of."

The hall was quiet for a time before Athar asked if anyone else had any other questions. Zhultanyr spoke up once again. But his question was not directed to Rhenycyn. "Lady Fhyndhella, did you per chance see the Prince last evening?"

Fhyndhella, thinking her indiscretion was safe, was caught completely off guard. "W-what?"

Zhultanyr pushed his greasy hair from his face and a cruel smile appeared. "Were you not with the Prince last night, wantonly celebrating his ascension to the throne and anticipating you're becoming Queen of Khaballe?"

Delfyn jumped up from where he was seated, his face red with anger. "You will apologize now, Zhultanyr! Or you will answer to me."

The voice of Athar cut in. "Delfyn, you will allow her to answer."

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