Chapter 31

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The Minister of Housing turned on the wizard. "Athar! This is my daughter we speak of. I will not permit this!"

"I will only remind you once that you have no authority to grant or deny permission." Athar's dark eyes showed no mercy when they fell on Fhyndhella. "You will answer the question put forth by Zhultanyr."

"No!" Delfyn interrupted. "I will not stand for such treatment!"

The King's Advisor motioned to two guards. "Take him away," he ordered. There was some confusion and discord while Delfyn was removed and many startled looks passed between those in the hall. When things settled down, Athar spoke to all those present as though his words fell upon ears not worthy to hear them. "So will any of your fates be lest you forget who is Regent." Then he focused his attention once again on Fhyndhella. "Do you wish a cell next to your father's?" The voice was quiet, as if he talked to a child.

Fhyndhella shook her head. Though she had a couple of minutes to regroup, she was not at all convincing when she answered, "No, I was not with Prince Rhenycyn."

"Is that an attendant of yours?" Athar indicated a young woman sitting next to Fhyndhella. Fhyndhella nodded and Athar said, "Arise. You will state whether the Lady Fhyndhella was in her quarters during the entire evening last night." The wizard fingered his pentagram, adding, "And before you answer, consider your fate if you perjure yourself."

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