Chapter 31

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"From an early age Rhenycyn has coveted the power of the throne and to that end he prepared himself for it. Alas, he would never be King for he had an older brother. But an older brother who would mysteriously die. There had been speculation as to how Prince Thenycyn died. Some of the healers thought poison to be the cause. But it could never be substantiated. So Rhenycyn's first obstacle had been removed, leaving him as the sole heir.

"As the years passed, he sought to take a more active part in governing Khaballe and urged his father to adopt his policies. And though his father began to relent, Rhenycyn would encounter yet another who would stand in his way. The voice of experience and reason from the Ministry saw that the strategies and schemes of the Prince were designed to enhance his own position, not that of Khaballe. For his dedication and loyalty to Khaballe, Valdhon was murdered on his eightieth birthday. Poisoned. In his own home. Supposedly by a steward belonging to Rhenycyn. A person who was conveniently never found.

"And when everybody took issue with him concerning the proper disposition of this wizard," here Athar indicated Uriel, "Rhenycyn looked to his father for support. But Nherycyn, who had recently seen the error of his ways and sought to regain control of the kingdom from his son, renounced him. Thwarted from realizing his goal and sensing his influence diminishing as Nherycyn wrested the ruling power from him, Rhenycyn murdered his father. Blatantly. Without any regard for consequence or repercussion. Before two witnesses who are beyond reproach.

"You may be asking why. Why such a desperate act by one who would eventually come to rule this kingdom anyway. The answer lies in the one seated next to the Prince. For he is the true motivator of Rhenycyn's actions. For they are as one." Athar walked over to where Uriel was seated and the eyes of those in the Assembly Hall shifted from the King's Advisor to Uriel as the wizard began the culmination of his argument.

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