Chapter 31

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Seeing the look in Athar's eyes, it became painfully obvious to the Prince what was happening. He could only respond in one way. "You have done a magnificent job, Athar. You have systematically had my father murdered, framed me with the crime, have effectively incapacitated my sister and gained the throne. As for Uriel, I do not know what part he plays in this deadly game of dhorsaghi you have cast us into. But if you stand against him, it must surely mean that he is not what you claim.

"You have argued that I have long sought to take my father's place, that I have performed these heinous acts in order to secure my position. But I think it perhaps has been you all along who has sought the throne. For it is you who have wasted no time in occupying my father's chair."

Athar looked at Rhenycyn and laughed quietly to himself, shaking his head. Then he turned to Uriel. "And what have you to say?"

It took a long moment for Uriel to lift his head and meet the eyes of his accusers. It took him longer still to find the courage to speak. "I don't…" he started and then sighed. "I don't pretend to know what's going on and I can't explain why all these things have been happening. Especially where I'm concerned. All I can tell you is what I know. And that is that I was sent here to save Khaballe. I don't know how. I don't know from whom. Just that I'm supposed to save you."

As the night before he reached Bhel'Ehzz, Uriel received an inspiration. He straightened himself, his eyes shone forth and his voice held conviction. "There's been a lot of allusion to me being the Destroyer that is spoken of in the Scrolls. I'm not going to try to convince you otherwise." There could be heard quiet exclamations of surprise and comments by many that his statement was no less than an admission of guilt. "But I ask you to consider this. One must destroy an existing structure in order that it might be recreated in a more perfect manner. One must destroy the old before the new can be ushered in. And whatever is threatening Khaballe must be destroyed before Khaballe itself is." When he finished, he noticed both the pentagram on his chest and the one on his staff were softly aglow.

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