Chapter 31

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Arhyvhynne had lifted her head at the sound of Uriel's voice and now looked upon him, her sapphire eyes shining with pride. She felt ashamed that she had doubted him and reproached herself for overlooking the interpretation that saw the Destroyer as a benefactor. In all her extensive research and internal debates, she had only considered the Destroyer as a force to be eradicated.

Rhenycyn was surprised to find that he also found truth in Uriel's words. As did some others. Particularly Eybbenna, who had been deeply moved by Uriel. The cleric had been searching for a greater exposure to that spiritual light which she felt she had not been receiving as of late. But more found his words to border on sacrilege.

"You blaspheme!" cried out Tomhylhen. "You seek to distort the holy teachings of the Sacred Scrolls."

"No," Eybbenna said to Tomhylhen, shaking her head. "He speaks the truth. You are—"

The High Priest cut her off, yelling, "Be silent!" and slapped Eybbenna across the face.

"He speaks lies," countered Ydryj Jyr. He approved of the action by Tomhylhen, feeling that the High Priest erred by even allowing a woman to be present at these proceedings. And the words that Uriel used regarding the destruction of the old only incited him. "As he has caused the fall of the High Witch Arhyvhynne by his pretending the savior, so does he seek to ensnare us all. Whether you are the Evil One himself or one sent by him, it is you that we need protection from. It is you that we must destroy."

"You don't understand. I may be your only hope," maintained Uriel.

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