Chapter 31

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"If I stood where he now does, I, too, would say anything to try to preserve my life," avowed Zhultanyr.

"I have heard enough," stated Farhyng. "Athar, let us proceed."

The King's Advisor turned Regent moved away from Rhenycyn and Uriel and returned to his seat. "It now becomes my duty as Regent to ascertain from the representatives of Khaballe how they view the guilt or innocence of the accused. We have heard recriminatory speeches and false prophesies from the accused but nothing that explains their actions nor exonerates them. We have also heard expert witnesses who have seen the vile deed committed. And we have all seen the Destroyer revealed. Outside the walls of the castle, the loyal subjects of Khaballe urge us to protect them and their families by taking their heads. I now ask you, how is it viewed in Sagghez'ah?" As before, a simple majority was needed for conviction.

Ptalp and Rhyrt quietly discussed their response with one another. Minutes went by before they answered. "Rhenycyn as guilty; Uriel as innocent."

Loud protestations were heard over the vote for Uriel's innocence. Athar silenced them with his hand and continued. "How is it viewed in Qyntes'ah?"

This was difficult for Lyrqyldyn. Though the evidence was undeniable, his family had a long and respectable relationship with the monarchs of the Cyn Dynasty. And there was the matter of his son's opinion and that of the High Witch. After a short internal debate he responded, "Both as innocent."

More disapprovals were voiced from the assembly and once again Athar quelled them. He looked none too happy when he queried the town of the clerics. "How is it viewed in Mhykord'ah?"

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