Chapter 31

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"Both as guilty," answered Tomhylhen. Knowing what the answer would be, Eybbenna had vacated her seat at the table. She did not want to have Tomhylhen's vote reflected on her.

"How is it viewed in Sevhert'ah?"

Zhultanyr pushed his long, greasy hair from out of his face and smiled. "Both as guilty."

"How is it viewed in Fhon Dhawz?"

Like the elves, the dwarves had good relationships with Mhelynycyn on down. But where Lyrqyldyn saw it as acquitting Rhenycyn, Wodhyn saw it as vindicating Nherycyn. "Both as guilty." Again there were loud remarks. Only one more vote was needed to condemn the Prince. And seeing that Athar had not yet voted, his fate seemed sealed.

"How is it viewed in Ghlor Nhor?"

"Both as guilty." Ydryj Jyr seemed pleased with himself, happy that he be the one to deliver the fatal vote to Rhenycyn. The Prince had not shown any emotion and neither had Uriel, who was now down to his last guilty vote.

"How is it viewed in Vhyt Dhaxz?"

Xumhek showed his disapproval over the results of the vote by shaking his head. "Both as innocent."

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