Chapter 31

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"How is it viewed in Rheg Nhor?"

Farhyng replied, "Both as guilty." Uriel only closed his eyes, Arhyvhynne broke into tears.

Athar cleared his throat then announced, "It is viewed in Bhel'Ehzz as both being guilty. The votes declare guilt by seven to two and six to three respectively. As such, it is my decree that the following sentence be duly executed. At midday tomorrow, in the Royal Commons, before the people of Khaballe, you Rhenycyn, are condemned to die by being beheaded, the same fate that you yourself inflicted upon your own father, King Nherycyn. And immediately thereafter, you who call yourself Uriel, are condemned to death by the same manner. Guards, take them away!"


Azarel and Uxzel made their way down towards the dungeons. Azarel was not pleased at having the black man as his constant companion lately. But it was the will of the Dark Master, thinly veiled as a desire to have Uxzel acquire more knowledge from Azarel. It was more likely a sign that the Dark Master was losing confidence in his highest ranking servant.

The two wizards stopped by a nondescript wall. Azarel spoke a Word then made a sign and subsequently a door magically appeared before them. After making sure no one saw them, they opened the door and entered the room.

The room was medium sized. There were two torches burning, one each on the side walls. Scattered along the walls in various places were five sacks. There was a small table and a chair, the former having the remnants of a meal still on it. Close to the table was a cot in which Mhylzul lazily reclined.

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