Chapter 31

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"I see you had no difficulties in gaining access," remarked Azarel. When the assassin disregarded the comment, he made another. "You are getting careless," here he indicated Mhylzul's position of repose.

"I knew it would be you. Besides, I'm never careless." The assassin suddenly brandished a dagger. It was out of his hand, in the air and stuck in the door between the two wizards in less than a second. The two wizards only exchanged glances. "It took you guys long enough to get here."

"We did not wish to take any chances," replied Uxzel. Meanwhile Azarel walked over to where Mhylzul was and deposited ten bags of gold pennhutz on the table.

"I take it I was successful."

"The Prince and the wizard are condemned to die tomorrow," said Azarel.

And there wasn't any doubt that the Prince killed him?"

"None. The glamour worked just as we said it would, did it not," asked the frail wizard.

"The old King knew something wasn't right. When he got right up to me, he gave me a weird look. I think he knew I wasn't his son."

"It is of little consequence now." Azarel laughed his sick little laugh and Uxzel joined in.

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