Chapter 31

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"So, is our business together concluded?" Mhylzul had a strong desire to kill both the wizards then and there, but his first priorities were to get out of the castle and secure his earnings.

"Not quite yet," stated Azarel. "We wish you to remain here until all the issues have been resolved and in the unlikely event that we might have further need of your services."

Mhylzul didn't like it one bit. "How long?"

"Another day, two at most. Are you in need of more provisions?"

"No, I'm fine." The assassin nodded towards the dagger and gave the wizards a look which let them understand in no uncertain terms that any sudden misfortunes would incur serious debts. Wordlessly, the wizards left the room.

Azarel and Uxzel returned to the castle proper and proceeded to the wizards wing. They came to a door and Azarel knocked twice, paused and knocked once as was required. The door opened and the Dark Master bade them to enter.

Though still morning, the room seemed darker than usual and an eerie red glow permeated the Dark Master's quarters. The two chained women were hardly noticeable in a corner, locked in an intimate embrace. There were some cards laid out in a circle on the massive table where the Dark Master sat and a black candle burned at its center. He arose from the chair at the head of the table and went to his minions. Azarel and Uxzel shuddered as they looked upon the face of a huge fly. "Has our friend from the Khezef Ahf been taken care of?"

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