Chapter 31

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"Yes, master," the wizards replied in unison, their heads down, looking away from a thousand eyes.

Did you instruct him to remain available?"

"Yes, master," Azarel responded. "He in concealed in a room in the dungeons."


"Have we received news from the north yet, my lord?" Uxzel asked.

"Yes, I have just concluded a communication with Satarsmyt. Everything has been accomplished. The SoulSlayers have been successful in the elimination of the last of Nherycyn's relatives in Eh-Thern-Ah. Ellycyn has been confined and is being 'treated' for her malady. The meager doses of vhelheno she is receiving will give her the appearance of being mad and will cause her to die within a few short days. And her death will mark the end of the Cyn Dynasty.

"With the Rune at Daath Ul Thaum and the three that are secured here, we are now in possession of four of the seven Runes of Power. Only three remain. Only three more. And when I have those in my control, I will be restored to my rightful position. My dominion shall stretch over this wretched land and I will exact my vengeance with unparalleled cruelty.

"I will be teleporting north to join Satarsmyt and my daughter for a most decadent celebration this evening. I will return by the rising of the first sun. Though I am leaving you in charge in my absence, Azarel, no one is to know I am gone. You will inform any requesting to see me that I am indisposed."

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