Chapter 32

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A herald of the King's appeared upon the battlements and recounted the highlights of the proceedings which had taken place in the castle to the throng gathered below. Then he announced the sentences issued to Rhenycyn and Uriel which were received with a deafening cheer.

As the crowd began to disperse, one among them hurried across the river to the western part of the city. He took a roundabout way to his destination, utilizing back streets and even doubling back on one occasion. All the while he checked to see if anyone might be marking his progress.

Finally the agent arrived at the Guild Hall, a building where several of the guilds held their meetings. But he did not enter, at least not through the main entrance. Instead, he stealthily made his way to the back of the building. He spoke a Word and made a sign. A door appeared in front of him. He knocked on the door three times and waited. From the other side of the door came five knocks. He completed the ritual by knocking seven times and the door was opened to him.

The agent was met by a guard who placed a sword to his throat. The agent had to give a secret sign and password before he could gain entrance, which he successfully did. After the guard withdrew the sword, the agent informed him that he required an audience and revealed the reasons pertaining to his request. He was caused to wait while the guard disappeared behind another barred door. Moments later, the guard reappeared and ushered the agent into another room and apprised him that he would have to wait until the necessary parties could be assembled. Surprisingly, it took less than an hour for the seven parties to meet at the hall.

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