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Gradually yet suddenly the Thought-Form made ITS presence known to Peter. IT was pure brilliance, gentle though limitless with power, judgmental though compassionate. IT had complete awareness and total understanding; absolute knowledge and supreme wisdom. IT was the perfected balance of all that had ever existed or would exist. The Thought-Form enveloped Peter and he was consumed with ITS love for him. Peter was bathed in ecstasy and joy for what felt like an endless moment. Then IT made ITSELF known to Peter using sweet, musical images.

"Know that WE are ONE though MANY, known as The HIERARCHY, The WHITE LODGE, and serve The ONE as do you. As a server of The ONE, you have done well and are greatly loved by US ALL. WE are pleased with your progress for you have attained the level of experience necessary to enter through The Portal of Initiation. However, the fulfillment of perfection you seek, Uriel, is not yet upon you. Before you stands The Portal. As you pass through, know that there are two Paths. The one leads to your next incarnation, that which you have prepared for and are ready. The other leads to a direct confrontation with the Dark Ones Of The Black Lodge."

Uriel was abruptly cast into a dense blackness. The warmth of love and joy that surrounded him evaporated, leaving a dread that gripped him with cold fingers of ice. An agonizing scream, deep and guttural was directed at him. Fear swept through him while a shadow slowly descended, bringing unspeakable horrors which violated his very being.

Lost in the depth of the blackness, ravaged by the Dark Ones, Uriel desperately tried to focus the remnants of his will on The HIERARCHY. Mentally reaching out, he felt THEIR touch and the blackness was immediately burned away by THEIR brilliance. The shadow, fear, and cold dissipated with the return of the sweet, musical images. "Do not fear, Uriel, for they seek to influence you. Though they are wicked and powerful they are also in fear. The Path you choose will have great affect upon many and they are fearful of your choice. Choose wisely Brother the Path that you tread."

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