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Uriel, though terribly shaken, responded without hesitation. "Masters, I am a mere servant of The ONE and will abide by YOUR will. Lead me to the Path that I may walk down its way."

The sweet, musical images of the HIERARCHY continued. "Know then that a world in another dimension is being threatened. The delicate balance has been tipped and the Dark Ones seek the utter ruination of that world. One must be sent to restore the balance. He will bear sorrow and pain, hate and distrust. The full force of The Black Lodge will be sent against him. And the outcome is not assured. That, Uriel, is the Path before you. Do you accept the will of The HIERARCHY of The ONE?"

The presence of the HIERARCHY departed, returning Uriel to a state of timelessness to contemplate the question. He was being given a choice, but was there really a choice involved? Is there ever really a choice? Regardless of the situation, there is always only one acceptable choice, one correct choice. There are many roads to the same end, but only one road which is the best for that particular journey. There were two Paths, but only one correct Path. There was no question of right or wrong, good or evil. Those were inadequate terms society used. There was only understanding or the lack thereof. Did Uriel really understand what was being asked? This, as in all things, was not a matter of choice, it was a matter of understanding. For when one has complete understanding of a situation, there can only be one response and therefore no real choice was involved.


As Uriel came to this realization, he was transported before the Portal. He passed through the Portal without delay and experienced a new current of energy flowing through him. He was now before the two Paths. He first looked to the one on the right. It was rather straight though slightly winding, with a few peaks and valleys. He could see the right hand Path for a long distance, almost to its end. It offered a sense of familiarity, greeted him with vestiges of past incarnations who waited to accompany him on his next journey. Uriel felt a pull, almost taking a step onto the right hand Path but felt compelled to turn his attention to the Path on the left. He immediately felt terror and anguish. The Path was dark and foreboding with violent twists through dying trees and could only be viewed for a short distance. Heavy clouds shrouded what little could be seen.

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