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It was one thing for him to objectively reason that the left Path was the correct one. It was another to accept it while actually confronting the reality of it. A part of him tried to accept the Path, but another part could not. Though he willed his gaze from the Path, Uriel could not look away, his eyes fixated on the dying trees. The closest one, a massive ancient oak beckoned to him with a grey, gnarled limb. As he concentrated on the oak, he felt so much sadness, so much misery. Without realizing he was doing so, he projected his newfound energy to the tree. “Why the sadness?” Uriel quietly asked. “You can live again. Try. Try!” As Uriel continued to pour forth his energy, he began to feel warmth and joy emanate from within himself, even in the midst of the desolation of the left Path. And with the warmth and joy also came acceptance. With that, the images of the Paths began to merge and dissolve. But one image remained in Uriel’s mind: the gnarled limb of the old oak had borne a single leaf.


Once again, Uriel experienced the gradual-sudden presence of the HIERARCHY and the sweet, musical images. "You have chosen the correct Path, Brother. All that you have experienced in past incarnations has been in preparation for this. By acknowledging this, you have accepted your destiny and have demonstrated that you are truly ready to accept Initiation. You must depart quickly, however, for OUR time is short and the Dark Ones are already moving towards their goal. Though you are beginning incarnation you will retain the knowledge that you have here received. WE will be with you in many ways. You now have powers that were before unknown to you. Use them wisely. You are OUR only hope, Uriel."

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